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Tool inspector

Wireless manual measurement system

Tool Inspector i-Wi-1 is a set for manual measurement of punches and dies is a wireless solution that significantly reduces and simplifies the process of measuring compression tooling.

The set consists of innovative and precise micrometres and a caliper that ensures the highest accuracy rate of measurements. The MAHR i-wi radio system provides wireless data transfer directly from the device to the computer. Wireless functionality allows users to complete measurements easily and conveniently without the need to unnecessarily carry of the punches and dies from the tablet press to the measuring point.

Wireless data transfer significantly reduces the time needed to manually copy measurement results and reduces the number of errors during rewriting.

Highly precise measurement of punches and dies.

Unlimited working range thanks to wireless technology.

Direct transfer of measurement results to a computer.

Decreased measurement time.

Optimization of the measurement process by eliminating the need to manually rewrite data.

Simple and functional operation.

All in a handy suitcase.

Wireless Tool Inspector i-Wi-1 Kit contents

Digital dial indicator i-wi 0.0005 mm reading
  • Very large LCD display with 11 mm character height.
  • Integrated tolerance display (with or without measured value display).
  • Zeroing possible in any position, without losing the reference value.
  • Factor adjustable with the indication in the display.
  • Individual functions can be blocked directly at the digital indicator.
  • Settings and saved values (factor, preset, tolerances) are not lost even when changing the battery.
  • Integral i-wi radio system for easy cordless transmission of measured data to any PC.

Digital external micrometers i-wi with sliding spindle 0-25 mm and 25-50 mm
  • Very large LCD display with 10 mm character height.
  • Practical HOLD function for freezing the measured value for reliable, error-free reading.
  • Measuring spindle hardened and ground.
  • Carbide anvils.
  • High-performance with the quick operation.
  • Painted steel frame with thermal insulation.
  • Button for changeover between relative and absolute measurement.
  • Zero setting in any position.
  • A well-arranged tolerance display with additional warning limits allows the user to recognise whether the workpiece is within the tolerance limits.
  • Spindle pitch 5 mm per revolution reduces the approach time.
  • Non-rotating spindle protects the surfaces being measured.
  • IP65: Protected against jets of water from all directions and protected against penetration by dust (dust-tight), also completely protected against touching.

Digital caliper IP67 i-wi with rod type depth gauge 150 mm
  • Very large LCD display with 11 mm character height.
  • Integral i-wi wireless data interface.
  • Resistant to dust and moisture.
  • IP67: Protected against intermittent immersion in water and protected against penetration by dust (dust-tight), also completely protected against touching.

Steel contact point 14/15
  • Spare and special probes for dial indicators, precision comparators, and calipers.
  • M 2.5 connection thread.

Radio receiver for Mahr i-wi STICK
  • USB stick for receiving a wireless system for wireless transmission of measurement data from the measuring instrument to the PC.
  • The Mahr i-wi wireless system.