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Polishing machine

Automatic Polishing Machines Pharma P&D

Pharma P&D series automatic polishers are an efficient and state-of-the-art solution for optimising the polishing process and maintaining compression tooling. The machines are designed to polish the largest number of punches and dies in the shortest possible time, while ensuring the highest quality and accuracy.
Pharma P&D polishers have been designed in line with the latest engineering standards. Made of stainless steel, with a simple design and intuitive control panel, they are easy to operate and do not require high-level qualifications.

Advantages of Pharma P&D polishing machines
  • Polishing time is 90% shorter compared to the manual polishing process.
  • Simple stainless steel design for easy maintenance. 
  • A simple and intuitive operating system that does not require high-level qualifications.
  • Maximum efficient polishing of punches and dies ensures a quick return on investment.
  • Uniform, highest polishing quality for punches and dies regardless of the exotic shape, engraving size or opening size in the die.

Highlights of Pharma P&D polishing machines
Pharma P&D automatic polishing process allows to obtain the highest quality surfaces of polished compression tooling, thus extending their lifespan and preventing the most common problems with punches, such as bonding, lining or breaking tablets.

Easy to operate
With the intuitive menu, the user can easily enter precise polishing parameters such as:
  • total machine operating time,
  • rotation times,
  • rotation speed of the polishing head.

Efficient safety system
An automatic sensor precisely controls the position and engagement of the granulate container while an emergency button immediately stops the machine operation when required, thus protecting the punches at each polishing stage.

Highest precision polishing
Dedicated holders allow the polishing medium to reach every part of polished compression tooling.

Punches polished in just 30 minutes!
Depending on the wear of the punches, the polishing cycle lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.

Regular polishing ensures:
  • Extends the life-time of punches and dies.
  • Provides an ideal surface of tooling, which reduces the amount of production waste.
  • Reduces most common problems in the tableting process and downtime risk.

High performance
Holders have been designed to fit a whole set of upper and lower punches. Depending on the number of holders, P&D polishing machines allow up to 80 EU 19” (B) punches and 60 EU1” (D) punches to be polished in one cycle.

Compact design of Pharma P&D polishers
Pharma P&D series of automatic polishers comes in a simple design and is made of stainless steel to ensure long-term durability and allow contact with products of the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. The control cabinet and wiring are integrated into the device frame to optimise footprint.