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Storage solutions


Improper storage and transport of punching tools can lead to increased wear or damage to punches and dies, resulting in production downtime.
Ascorp , being one of the world leaders in punching tool production with 10 years of experience, has developed a system for proper storage and transport of punching tools – the Tooling Storage System.
Tooling Storage System Cabinets provide a solution that properly protects punches and dies, reducing the risk of problems in the tablet formulation process resulting from improper storage of punches and dies.


Tool Cabinets Tooling Storage System

The Tooling Storage System Cabinet series is a powerful solution designed for optimal storage of punching tools. TSS Cabinets are available in three widths: Slim, Normal and Wide, with 9-drawer and 15-drawer options.
The cabinet system is completed by drawer organisers adapted to the types of stamps and dies in the following standards: EU-B, EU-BB, EU-D, EU-441. Special embossing keeps the punches and dies in place and protects the tools from mechanical damage.

Dedicated Tool Cabinets TSSTSS Cabinets are also ideal for storing spare parts such as segments or cams and other tools used in the production department. To ensure the safety of the stored parts, our engineers are here to design dedicated organisers.
As the manufacturer of the cabinets, Ascorp can adapt them to the needs of the customer and their storage management.
The cabinets can be customised with regard to the following:
• number of organisers,
• number of drawers,
• size of drawers,
• types of organisers (for punching tools/spare parts),
• mobility (by means of a tooling trolley),
• other customer-specific modifications.

Advantages of Tooling Storage System

1.Tooling Storage System stands for optimum use of storage space, ensuring the following advantages:

2.Lower storage costs, through maximising storage space.

3.Extended life of punches and dies thanks to excellent protection against mechanical damage and harmful influences.


Modern and safe design

With its stainless steel frame, the Tooling Storage System Cabinet is the optimal and dedicated storage solution for all types of compression tooling. The TSS Cabinet provides excellent protection for stored punching tools and spare parts while ensuring safe use.bust design and work safety
Innovative anti-tilt system preventing two drawers from being pulled out at the same time ensures safe operation.
Reinforced drawer slides provide a load capacity of up to 65kg!
Robust stainless steel frame provides a practical and durable solution.

Available models of Tooling Storage System Cabinets


TSS Cabinet model Number of drawers Max number of organisers
single / double layer
Dimensions [mm]
(H x W x L)
9A Slim  9 18 / 36 1080 x 720 x 550
9B Normal  9 27 / 54 1080 x 1030 x 550
9C Wide  9 36 / 72 1080 x 1340 x 550
15A Slim  15 30 /60 1595 x 720 x 550
15B Normal  15 45 / 90 1595 x 1030 x 550
 15C Wide  15 60 / 120 1595 x 1340 x 550